What about Mothers Day?

Mothers Day is a day we honor our Mothers and Grandmothers. Why? Some of us have Mothers we don’t feel like honoring. On the other hand, many of us love our Mothers and they certainly deserve being honored.
So why do we blow them off on this one day of the year that Mothers and Gramma ‘ sit by the phone, desperatly waiting for the call that says “I love you” it’s a simple thing really, you pick up your phone and share for a few moments with the one that went through birthing you, changed your diapers, put with your teething and terrible two’s, Etc. She fed you, even if she didn’t have food herself. If single, she did so much more to care for you the very best she knew how. Now, I realize that calling or even spending time with Mom or Grandmother may interfere with you day as you have your own life now, with kids that remember to contact you. But is that REALLY an excuse to break the heart of the Mother or Grandmother in your life.
To often we put a sports event or jobs, whatever gets in the way, to take the time out this one day a year that should be such an important time to take a moment to say “I love you” to such a special lady as the forgotten Mother or Grandmother in you life! Next year may be too late! Mothers and Grandmothers are getting older each day.

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