The Book Project excerpt. ..

It’s a rainy day here today. It’s too wet to work outside so it’s a good day to be working on my book.
What’s it about you ask?
It’s stories of some of the most interesting people I’ve worked with during the time I’ve been in Ministry and in  in my life. It’s also my story ‘It a long way from a Texas jail to the White House.’ Then there’s the story about one man who was just out of jail and decided to get him something to drink. He got some quarts of alcohol. Looking for some shade to get out of the 112 degrees outside, not finding a comfortable spot, he crawled up in the open door of a truck to drink his alcohol, eventually passing out right there.
When waking up, the truck was moving, it was  Pitch Black on the inside the now closed up trash truck, the kind that compacts the trash as its loaded, then carries it out to the big landfill. In this case he was part of the trash. As the crusher came back it started pressing tighter and tighter, he was caught up in the block of trash.
As the compactor pushed back he felt it breaking his bones, able to barely breathe, he wasn’t sure if he’d be alive in the next moment. However he did survive the torment, only to be dumped out into the landfill. Upon hitting the landfill the bundle of trash broke apart.  He started clawing at things to dig out, not knowing if he was going up or down. Finally breaking through to the surface. He took a great gasp of air.
Then hearing a motor, he looks around, behind him a huge machine used to tear the trash up with great steel spikes is coming right at him. No driver is visible, only the huge iron spiked wheel!
Out of desperation, he tries to lunge, but realizes that both his legs are broken. With panic and in frustration, he  throws handfuls trash at the machine, but to no avail.
Knowing that he’s about to die, as the machine gets closer and closer, his last resort is to lay his upper body down, with his head towards the machine. That way the giant wheel and spikes will kill him quickly, putting a stop to his sorry life of living on the streets, fighting for just one more drink or round of drugs…
For the rest of the story, you’re going to have to wait and purchase my book.
The fundraising for the book is going well this week. However publishing costs are expensive, I have to be able to fund the self publishing costs to publish  and have the help I need to get it edited, marketed to book stores and have press releases when it is  finished, in order for it to be successful.
For raising the funds, I’ve gone to GoFundMe. A very well rated company. I hope that people will respond positively so I’ll be able to get this this book published soon. Having raised $605 in the first two days, I am encouraged. If you’re interested in my GoFundMe project,  I’ll give the contact information :

You may also send checks to David Goad % the book at P.O.Box 335 Hawley ,Texas 79525
All funds WILL be used for the publishing costs of the book.
Thank you in advance: David

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