Depressed? ?

Have anxiety,depressed ?
Don’t know what to do next? Do you freeze up mentally, emotionally?  Ever wondered why your here at all? Feel like I just don’t matter? Why stay on this earth, hurting inside like I do? It would be so much better if I ended my life now!!
I have felt all the above and many more,   I’ve learned how to put on the happy face so no one knows how insecure I really am! People like me, I have been a national speaker, led a major ministry effort to reach the Nation with the ‘Good News’ , done radio/tv interviews. I’ve even worked in Washington with our Nation’s leaders. All the time, knowing without a doubt that I was a fake! If they really knew who I was ,they would throw me out.
Sound familiar? I find there are very many of us out there, it breaks my heart to know that out of the ones who are reading this ,many feel this way today. Honestly, so do I somedays! Most days now I am very comfortable in who I am, I found my relief through faith in God and His power to guide my thinking, when I finally came to believe in more than just me. I found I didn’t need my addictions (crutches) anymore. I don’t feel sorry for myself or self loathing anymore. I still battle depression some, but have come to terms with it. I don’t feel like I should hide or end my life anymore. If fact I’ve learned to cherish my life daily and my family . If I can help you find your way out if the abyss, or pray for you, please don’t be afraid to let me know. You don’t have to be alone anymore! Pastor David


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