What about love??

​Is it a feeling we get in our chest, a desire for sex, or just a phenomenon of our society? 

Some say it’s a lifelong commitment to another. I love my dog, is that love the same as the love for my wife? What about my kids and grandkids? I get a thrill in my chest when they come over or tell me they love me, is that what love is or feels like? 

The Bible tells me to love my neighbor as myself. Or, that after all is done, love endures. 

It must be very special, the Bible also says that God loved me enough to send His only Son to die a terrible death for me, now that takes something really special.

 If that’s what God calls love then it must be that I love those closest to me. I am willing to give my life up for them should it become needed.

 Maybe that’s what real love is, not a feeling or need for sex, but a commitment to give our life for another.

God Loves you too , just as much as He loves me. He gave His Son up for both of us because He Loves us! Can we give no less for love for God or others? What about myself,yourself, can we love ourselves enough to give our lives up to God’s Son Jesus? To live because we are Loved? 

I love you through Jesus Christ!

Pastor David 

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