It’s time for change!

​It is time for change! In our country. our lives!!! If God does not have our focus,then satan does. Any empty space requires being filled with something. A hole in the road will only get larger if not filled in. A hole in our lives, will only get larger if not filled too. Likewise a spiritual hole in our country or our lives will be filled by Satan unless we keep it filled with God. 

Our country has a huge spiritual hole right now, we must begin by filling our own spiritual holes with God’s plan of love through His Son Jesus’ life , death and resurrection for our sins. If we don’t acknowledge our failings and our Country’s failure to follow God plan for us, satan will and has filled the hole with his brand of hate.

 Hence we see the killings, abuse ,rape, depression, etc in our country and our lives. 

We want change but aren’t hearing when told,that change begins in each of us first! God Bless Us and God Bless America!

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