Steve needs our help.

Subject: Steve S Needs Our Help

Friends of Steve S,

I am writing out of concern for our mutual friend Steve Svitak. He is a great Christian brother who does not hesitate to help others. I believe he needs our help. I asked him for a list of Christian people who he knows. Your name was included.

Steve has been wrestling with a brain injury caused when his parked car was hit from behind by a school bus. He is recovering but does not do his best under stress.

Steve is estranged from his wife. I believe that she has an agenda to destroy him. My opinion results from numerous emails written to both Joe Irwin and me in which she verbally attacks Steve – over and over. She accuses him of acts that are despicable and totally out of character for Steve. He has been able to refute the accusations in family court.

Steve is working to rebuild his real estate business. He has been a licensed broker for 24 years. Progress is slow and he depends on his social security to get by.

In a recent family court appearance, the judge ordered that he empty a storage locker of furniture and deliver it to his wife’s front yard soon. He called me shortly after the court date and was totally stressed. He said, “I am trusting the Lord but right now, I do not have the money to catch up the payments, get a truck and deliver the furniture. I asked if he could use help? Steve said, “I sure could use it and would be grateful ”


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