Texas Church shootings

As the Pastor of a small Texas Church, I want say that too often we are vulnerable to these tragedies. We work with a lot of broken people, including abuses of spouses, drugs, emotionally unstableness. The difference in our small Churches and larger Churches is that we can’t afford to hire security and very often don’t attract the law enforcement members. Often it would cause a conflict if both groups were together. Everyone knows the business of the other in a small Church. Many officers of the law are uncomfortable because nobody wants to arrest a Church friend.

Because of this the small Churches are often unprotected, unless concealed weapons owners volunteer to serve as the security.

It is the very sad reality the we are reverting back to the days where men carried a gun for self protection of self and family. These days that includes our Church families as well.

In the recent shootings, how many lives could have been saved if at least someone had a gun to shoot back at the murderer!

I am addressing Church safety this Sunday for our Church. We also have at least two concealed weapons, just in case!

The sadness is the reality that it is my responsibility to protect Gods people while I trusted to my care. I pray we never are called upon but in today’s world we must take these shootings and the need to protect our Church families seriously!

Please pray for the families and especially the Pastor of this horrific Texas killings!

God Bless,

Pastor David

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