Christmas Blessings!

This a season of joy and love if you are celebration the birth of Jesus.

Many don’t even know or think about Jesus being the reason for Christmas. If I were Satan and I wanted to destroy earth and its people . I would slowly change a great Christian Holliday over the years from a very Holy day to a festive day without Jesus in it.

Enter one Santa, a very nice jolly character to slowly replace who we talk about at this time of year. Instead of Jesus being born humbly in a manger, we have Santa in the North Pole. Who can see who is naughty or nice, giving gifts .

I’m sorry, it’s a great time of year for lots of families getting together to share gifts and meals. But haven’t we forgotten mostly the original reason for Christ-mas? Hasn’t the evil one done a good job in his plan to replace Jesus at this Holy day?

My next post will be the Story of the real first Christmas!

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