I saw an Angel today!

I saw an Angel today!

I was so touched today, a young woman I had the privilege to preform the wedding for her and her husband a few years ago. I had also been privileged to stand with her through a very difficult part of her life. It was a wonderful day to spend time with she and my wife. She invited us to see their new lake front property. And spend some time just catching up. I wasn’t feeling well ,in truth I had just had a pretty bad spell with my illness, but just as I was about to have my wife call to change our plans, I saw on Facebook something she had just shared. It was expressing her pleasure in getting to meet up with her favorite Pastor.

I couldn’t refuse that statement so I got dressed and with my wife , Darlene, driving us. We met her. At first I had some trouble stammering as I have begun doing since my last stroke incident. But after a few minutes I felt more and more like my old self! I learned something today. Among other more personal things, I learned that God isn’t finished with me yet and with His help and the encouragement from friends. I’m going to be just fine!!

Thank you to our very dear friend and my personal angel today!! We love you!

Pastor David

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