Are you an encourager or a discourager? Often when we have a stroke or other situation that may change who we have been all our lives, we struggle with those changes. Trying to find ourselves again. We have lost who we were, often in the blink of an eye. Through no fault of our own, we lose control of our lives as we knew it. Others start having to care for parts of our lives or us in general. No matter who or what we have been, we can’t go back, our minds and bodies won’t let us. We may look the same as before but we aren’t the same as before.

We fight to regain physical health and mental abilities. Are have large mood swings from deep depression, emotional ups and downs, confusion we can’t explain, forgetfulness we never had to deal with before. In a well meaning effort to make us feel better, people often tell us ” I can’t remember things either” as if that’s just normal. For us it’s not normal when we can’t remember what you told us to do or answered a question five minutes ago and we have no memory of it so we ask the same question again or do something totally different from what you told us. We honestly don’t know why you are aggravated at us. Not because we are being difficult on purpose, we just don’t remember, it’s not in our thoughts anymore.

Patience are a huge thing to ask or expect from you constantly. We honestly don’t know why we are aggravating you. Encouragement is the most important thing we need, again and again. It must take an incredible amount of love and commitment to deal with us day after day. Who encourages you we wonder? Do you take time to encourage those caretakers? Or those they care for? Love and encouragement can’t be given enough! To either!

We need encouragement from those around us.

Being ignored is discouragement at its worst.

Pastor David

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