Water heater and Bees

So our water heater choose this week to developer a hole in its side. We bought a new one, I said I’d just put it in. Now being 70 and not in the greatest health, that was a brave statement I realize now. Our water heater closet is gotten to by a door on the outside of our house and about 3 feet off ground level. I managed to lift it into the spot after taking the old one out. I was so proud of myself… but I didn’t count on upsetting a nest of bees in the process. 15 or so stings later, I’m wishing I hadn’t been so prideful and asked for help. Today as I sit here itching and burning at the same time from those stings, ( mostly around my head and face) I’m wondering just how much money I saved by not paying someone else install it? Oh, Did I mention the water line I broke? Or the urgent trip to Lowe’s for parts to fix it? But hey, I proved to myself I could still do it!! 🤕

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