The gun

The Gun

It was a New Year’s Eve night. As I came in the door I faced a 38 revolver, cocked and ready to fire, held by a woman, not in her right mind. The wild look in her eyes told me I was in real trouble. She held the pointed it at my head. “I’m going to kill you, and then kill myself.” But somehow, I knew she would really kill us or at least me. Something flashed in my mind telling me to get my hand between the hammer and the firing pin, grab the body of the gun. As fast as the thought came into my mind, it happened. I reached, grabbing the pistol by the body just as she pulled the trigger. Silence!! The firing pin came down on the edge of my thumb, keeping it from firing the bullet now aimed right at my chest.

Over the gun barrel were the eyes of a wild person. Instantly realizing the gun had not done what was intended, she screamed like a banshee. With pure fury and hate, she was striking out at the eyes with both hands made into claws. Only reflexes caused my head to turn as claws strake just below my left eye and down that side of my neck. Bleeding, I shook my head, as realization told me that my battle with death was over for now. The revolver was now in my hands.

This was only the beginning of a long ordeal of living with a person with two personalities, one loving me, the other wanting me dead.  It’s not that she didn’t have good reason to hate me. Even tonight I had been to my mistress’s house before I came home.

She couldn’t prove it, but she knew what was happening. That’s one of the pitfalls of an affair. The person having the affair may think their getting away with something, but the person that’s living with an affair, knows in the heart what’s going on.

After that night our lives changed.

Pastor David

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