Homage to The Great!!

Hey you,

What do y’all plan for your Christmas?

We find it’s getting harder to get all 20+ kids, grandkids and great grands together as they get older and have jobs etc.

I just told all of them by that group text thing, that Christmas Day has been my day to see all of them and I expected all to be here to pay homage to the great one and his spouse. ( the great one would be ME of course!) furthermore all are expected to bring the great one a gift! An expensive gift! 🎅🏻🧝🏻‍♂️💰💎🎁!!

No responses have come in yet, but I think can predict a great Christmas for ME!!

I been planning to take presents back to get the cash! Then a looooong vacation!

Whatcha think??

The Great!!

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