Why satan?

Why would a popular actor, get on a national stage and thank satan for inspiring his victory! why has our world become so twisted that we don’t see outrage at the audacity of this man. What’s happened to our country? Have we become so correct that we are afraid to boycott this kind of behavior?… Continue reading Why satan?

Love is like water: it has three states of being and is essential for life. Love starts as a feeling, I love you because I feel good around you. I don’t have to do anything for you. This is like steam, it is hot and energetic but it is difficult to hold and fades quickly. If you get past stage one, Love becomes an exchange of actions and feelings. You give to me and I feel good. I give to you, so you feel good. This is like liquid water, it sloshes around and is difficult to manage when you carry it with you. It can sustain you but you cannot build on it. In the final stage, Love becomes a decision, an act of will. I will give to you because I will sacrifice myself. Then Love is like ice: solid, immovable, strong.