Trouble with the evil one?

Do you believe there is an evil power on earth today, could it be possible that when we attempt to for God’s will that a force opposite from God will create havoc to keep you from achieving the thing God gave you to do?

I guess first one would have to believe in God and that He might have a plan for your life?

I have been writing a book that I believe God wants me to finish. But the closer I get to finishing it for the publisher. The more trouble I run into. The latest incident is my laptop has lost its mind. It lock me out this morning by not recognizing any of my entry security pins, passwords or fingerprints.

Now I understand that I’m 71 yrs old, have had strokes, heart failure, and seizures that have effected my ability the do things I used to be able to do. However Two days ago I could open the same computer. So I ask you, have I just lost my mind or could the evil one be trying to keep me from publishing this book?

Pastor David

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