Ole? Vs old!

Here’s a real conundrum for you. If I say my ole car, even though my car is new, nobody has a complaint. We can say ole Miss. For Mississippi.

Or we cal day I just love that ole dog, even if my dog is a puppy.

But if I say I just love my ole wife, I can get shot?? She says I’m calling her’old’ even though she is young?

I don’t get it, so I looked it up in adictionary. I learned it has been acceptable language since the early 1800’s. Not as a slang way of saying old but more an endearing term of the person or item we are speaking to or of.

I dunno what I’m gonna do now. I’ve used the term too long to just blank it out of my head?? What’s the answer!??

That’s just given me a big ole headache! or is it an old headache I just didn’t know I’ve had so long? ??

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