Available soon at major book sellers!

Transformation is the real life, fast-moving story of David and his friends, who live and sometimes die, in the pursuit of peace.

Meet David as he faces a pistol aimed at his head ready to fire, only to be saved by his fast actions. His former mistress leaves him, then look into the black pit with

him as he spirals downward. Taste the metallic barrel of a shotgun in your mouth, as David decides whether to

live or die.

Listen to Bill, who tells David about God, and begins David’s transformation.

Feel the ground vibrate as Steve is faced with

a huge trash grinding machine coming directly at his broken body.

Or ride with David and Mario as they are detained by Mexico’s Federal police armed with automatic weapons, Late at night, on a lonely stretch of road. Then

go with them and Bob, as they enter the dangerous Tijuana prison, not knowing if they will ever leave alive. Live through the challenges, when David is finally slowed down by a stroke, followed by heart failure. Stand with Darlene, as she enters David’s critical care hospital room, only to see his eyes roll up in his head, as Death once again, calls his name.


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