Persecution of Christians?

Are Christians in America being persecuted for our belief in the idea that Jesus really was God’s Son, born of a virgin, lived and eventually died for our sins? Or are we persecuted because we believe in Heaven and Hell. Or maybe it’s because those that don’t believe as we do secretly know their future is in Hell with the one they follow so they resent us and want to destroy all Christians.

Could it even be because they are tricked by Satan and his demons into believing they are right? That their hatred for us is somehow justified??

What ever the reason, we are in a battle for the survival of our beliefs in Christ. Now it may seem subtle now, but look and listen. If we don’t stand strong now our children or their children won’t have the privileges of worshiping in public as we do. In fact they will possibly have to meet secretly if at all.

Let’s not let that happen on our watch, let’s join together as Christians to resist the onslaught of misinformation and Satans lies against our God and His word. Let’s return to the days of spreading the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST to as many as we can, both at home and around our Country. STAND UP FOR JESUS as He STOOD UP FOR US at the cross!!

God Be with us all!!

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