Not ‘One Nation’

We voted to save our Christian way of life! But the fight to save our right to believe and meet when and where we choose is being threatened in Washington . The 2020 vote is even more important! Our politions work for us , we should elect only those who strongly represent our Christian values. Or we face the real loss of our rights to speak and/ or preach Jesus Christ publicly!

Our opponents are organized as the move their plan to wipe Chtistianties voice out!

Are we as dedicated as they are? Are we organized? Do we have a plan? Are we even registered to vote? Do we have an organized plan to keep our religious freedom ? It begins with me and with you…let our opposition voices be heard.

“Make America a Christian country again! ”

If you don’t like our Chrisianity you can le

ave our America , move to a war torn place like Hong Kong. Find what it’s like to be facing freedom. Or to Venezuela, Russia, discover what your asking us to give up!

“Freedom forever, for the people in the United States of America. “

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