What’s your Preacher doing?

Do you ever stop to think what your Preacher is doing when he isn’t in front of the Church? He may be at the hospital with you or your family member, comforting, praying with/for you. At any hour of the day or night, because accidents or heart attacks, etc. Don’t usually pick 9-5 hrs to happen.
Or he may be working with a family that just found out their son was arrested for molestation of a child.
He could be with the family that’s struggling to stay together against all odds. Or a child being bullied.
Where ever he is he is on the job, either directly or in prayer that God will grant him the wisdom, strength, faith and courage to make another day or night. And then the phone rings…tears, pain, weddings, funerals, joy or sadness awaits him when he answers your call.
What’s the preacher doing when not in front of the crowd? Taking care of the flock. God Bless you all,

Pastor David, Retired

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