Will you say yes?

Many people in this world are hurting, hopeless, and even feel broken. They want to see a difference, but not sure where to find it? What could God use you for today by giving a “yes” to whatever he places in front of you?

Daily Blessing

We love our comfort; God prefers our faith. We love predictability; God invites us on an adventure. We want relief; God wants redemption. We want a break; God is after a breakthrough. Hidden in every trying circumstance is an opportunity to experience God, to engage our faith and to see Him move. More often than… Continue reading Daily Blessing


Never beyond hope…

My new book has just been release on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Westbow Press, and more. It will be available on davidgoadministries.com very soon also.

If you purchase the book and like it, please give a good review on the site you purchase from and share the book on your friends and followers list . Word of mouth will get the word out faster than any marketing that will be done.

For speaking requests or media interviews please contact me at 325-514-1271 or davidgoad7@gmail.com.

As well as here on this site.

Thank you and God Bless!


Available soon at major book sellers! Transformation is the real life, fast-moving story of David and his friends, who live and sometimes die, in the pursuit of peace. Meet David as he faces a pistol aimed at his head ready to fire, only to be saved by his fast actions. His former mistress leaves him,… Continue reading Transformation