Color? What Color?

America needs to remember that a man has changed the world! His name is Jesus! He was unjustly killed because He dared to leave Heaven, come to our world only because God, His Father, loved us enough to send His only Son. He died a death of horrible cruelty! But before He surrendered to the cross He was going to be nailed to, He left us a final message. It was and is very simple. It says that we are to “love our neighbors as we do yourself”. (Mark 12:31) isn’t it time now to turn each of our lives over to Jesus? And obey what He Himself called a commandment! In fact He called it the greatest commandment!
If we will all obey , then we can end the tremendous troubles in our world. Drop to our knees today asking for forgiveness and comment to begin loving our neighbors. Then we won’t see difference in our neighbors!
David Goad
American Renewal Movement