Death of a friend

I just lost a friend, he died suddenly much to young. Why I ask? Why does a good man die, leaving a wife and son bewildered? I talked regularly to my friend Larry on the phone, we would always laugh a kid each other but we had very serious converse too. I’ve know Larry for several years now and I can say without a doughy two things about him. One is that Larry was truly one of a kind. And second that he has gone to heaven. Larry believed strongly in God and His Son Jesus. That Jesus had come to earth living as a man, that He died on the cross for all our sins. And on the third day he defeated death by rising again. Being seen by many witnesses then returned to Heaven to create a home for us. So if we would choose to believe by faith, we will join Him in Heaven when will die.

Larry was a good careing friend, I will miss him until I join him in heaven.

Goodbye for now dear friend!!