Do you ever wonder where?

Where did We come from?

Where are we going?

Where is their meaning in all this??

Where is my car parked??

Where am I supposed to be?

Where was I going?

Where did all the years go?

Where will I be when I die?

I can’t answer most of those questions? I don’t know where I left my keys or why I’m driving to where?

I don’t even really know where we came from or how long we’ve been there !

But I do know where I’m going! I’m going to Heaven when I die here!

You see I excepted the theory of God being real because I noticed one day how the leaves of the trees would change colors then when the color beauties were gone, the leaf would fall, then start the process again of growing into a green leaf. But eventually that leaf would start the changing of colors again.

I decided that something had to create the tree and arrange its life cycle. That started me to thinking about my life cycle and where I was in it? I realized that if I believed God made that tree and its cycle then i needed to believe in His words, written in the Bible!

If I believed in the Bible then I had to believe it spoke the truth about Gods Son Jesus? But wait! I believed most of it was true but a virgin birth , Holy Spirit? Forgiveness??

I didn’t know about all that, there is a definite difference in believing parts of the Bible and coming to believe and except it in every part of my being ,its truth.

While driving alone one day , a loud voice in my mind and out of nowhere, suddenly said “JESUS CHRIST IS REAL”! I whipped my head around to see who was in my car!! Nobody! is this what Christians call the Holy Spirit talking??

I still didn’t change my life any. But those words have been burned into my mind since that day!!

I have since excepted Jesus as real and the Bible as true! Where will I go when I die? Heaven!! That’s what my Bible says!

Do you believe? Contact me if you have said yes to Jesus For the first time!

God Bless!


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